Mustang’s November ’11 Mixtape

I’m sure the majority of you are sitting around nursing hangovers at this point in time or possibly avoiding Thanksgiving preparations at all cost. In that case, hit play and groove out to some more relaxing upbeat music from Mustang. Try playing this one in-front of the family and you might just get some sophistication points for listening to music with a foreign language in it.

1. L’équipe Du Son : Lesson 1
2. Niki & The Dove : Mother protect (GoldRoom Remix)
3. Axxe : Sweet Stuff (Arturo Reinterpretation)
4. Noah & The Whale : Life is Life (Yuksek Remix)
5. Various : Reach Out (Nelue Rework)
6. Kolombo & Cupcake Project : Let’s Party
7. Peter Herbert & Golden Fleece : Interstella
8. Dirty McKenzie : The Fever
9. What So Not : Astrix Little Imperial
10. L’équipe Du Son : Playground Rebels


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