Rehab Visit #3

Here at OVERDOSE, we believe that music is our rehab to life, our escape from reality. A medium in which to relieve our stresses. In this weekly feature, we ask you to visit our “Rehab Facility”. A place where you can find tracks to relax the mind or better yet, get you going till sunrise. To us, there is no better stress reliever than dancing, so plug-in your speakers and let loose. Enjoy your stay. This is the OVERDOSE Rehab Facility.

Hopefully you’ve been receiving our treatment for the past few weeks, but if this is your first visit, let me welcome you. This marks the third week here at the Overdose Rehab Facility and as it’s the end of the month, we’re going to recap with some of our favorite tracks and add in a few new ones to jump-start your December.

CONGOROCK – Ivory (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Hit the jump for all the tunes.


Housemeister – Hirschkeule (Original Mix)

Bart B More & Rubix – Ari (original)



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